Healing benefits of music

Music as a therapy:

Doctors say if medicines help the body to heal, music helps the mind to heal. Research has proven that even new born babies have sound sleep when they listen to lullabies. The music of lullabies have a soothing effect on their minds. At the end of the day music is sound and sound is made of vibrations. In 2009, a research carried out in the University of Toronto proved that sound vibration can be a medicine for Parkinson’s disease.

Music has been loved and cherished by human beings for ages. Music is often a representative of a culture or a society. Music can transport you to a different world and soothe the frayed nerves. Hence recent studies on music has proven that music is healer.

Singapore is a fast growing nation. The general population of Singapore is constantly under stress as it is a much commercialised nation and hence there is a lot of work pressure. Music is a much needed medicine for the trodden minds of Singapore citizens. Guitar course in Singapore or any other fast growing commercial hub would be a good way of soothing the stressed out mind. Not just guitar any other form of music, be it any other musical instrument or singing can be a source of much relief. If you are looking for a place to learn music, check out Ossia Music School today.

Healing benefits of music:

As music is a healer, one can surely try and understand in what different ways music heal the human heart and mind. Here is a list of ways music has a healing effect on us:

If a person has suffered from a heart attack or a stroke or has met with an accident, the body is often incapable of replenishing the loss. The communication centres in the brain stop functioning. It is in such situations that music helps the mind to cope with the sudden bodily changes and thereby provides strength to the body.

Any kind of sound is a harmonic healer. Music is caused through soothing vibrations that has a transforming effect and the ability to heal. It improves health and enhances life.

Music can fill humans with a feeling of awe. Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute has found this effect that music can have over the mind.

Music has often helped us to express our emotions like attending activites like guitar lesson singapore. Scientists have found out that music connects to us through a variety of neural systems. Research has proven that music stimulates those regions of the brain that is responsible for language, memory and motor control.

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